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Stock Up On Vitamin D; Are You “Skinny Fat?”; And More…


There’s been a lot of speculation in the skincare world that a reliance on SPF products may be causing a vitamin D deficiency in as many as half of the adults and children in America. Whether or not this is true remains to be seen. What we do know, however, is that there is an increasingly large number of benefits to having optimal levels of the stuff, which is often achieved—you guessed it—through proper diet and exercise. [NYT]

Forget plain old “chubby” or “thick.” Apparently, even slim girls have to do battle with a less-than-flattering nomenclature: Beware of “skinny fat.” [Huff Po]

RuPaul, whose popular reality show had its second season premiere last night, believes that beauty is trial and error. How can you reduce the error bit? According to Ru, it’s as easy as “taking a digital picture of yourself in a new look and really examining it.” E-mailing it to a few brutally honest friends for feedback might also work wonders. [Allure]

The Mediterranean diet is so last year. It’s all about the Nordic diet right now. The Scandinavian country does seem pretty fit as a whole and, I mean, who doesn’t want to eat fish three times a day? [Guardian]

Photo: Anthony Wallace / Daily Mail / Rex USA

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