August 23 2014

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The “Size Issue” Comes To Retail, Serena Williams Does Nails, And More…


If you’re in London for the shows and have noticed that mannequins in department store windows are shockingly curvy, your weary eyes do not deceive you. Debenhams has placed size 16 forms in their windows for a trial run that begins today. [Daily Mail]

Serena Williams is putting down her racket for the time being to become a certified nail technician. Hey, whatever calms her nerves. [NY Post]

Have you ever been curious about Bumpits—and other equally ridiculous-seeming yet wholly intriguing beauty savers advertised on late-night infomercials? Read on. [CBS News]

Despite his sixth place finish in the men’s figure skating competition in Vancouver, Johnny Weir is making a name for himself off the ice as a burgeoning reality star and a champion of better men’s grooming habits, it appears. “There’s nothing not-masculine about taking care of yourself,” he contends, adding that “looking like a shiny mess is not manly.” Guys, if you’re listening, it’s all about the blot powder and concealer. [Bella Sugar]

Photo: John Donegan / AP Photo

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