August 23 2014

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Tom Pecheux, Estée Lauder Make Beautiful Makeup Together


Last week, we broke the news that Estée Lauder would be making its fashion week debut at Derek Lam, and yesterday morning we finally got the chance to see what the beauty company is capable of on the catwalk with makeup artist Tom Pecheux at the helm. It was worth the wait. Loosely working off of Lam’s Native American inspiration, Pecheux swept a new Estée Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow in copper under the lower lash line, dabbing it on top of a brown lipstick as well to work the familiar American West hue into the mix. Otherwise, though, the face painter was left to his own devices. “The blue really came out of the blue,” Pecheux quipped of the strong eye he focused most of his attention on, using a navy eyeliner as a base and drawing it over the entire lid up to the brow to bring “power” to the face before he topped it off with a shimmering blue shadow. “At Derek we always break the rules a bit,” the self-proclaimed “bad boy with a good education” said of his divergence from the collection’s general color scheme. That’s a proclivity that bodes well for his first Lauder collection due out in the fall, as far as we’re concerned. “I can’t destroy the heritage of that company,” Pecheux joked. “I just want to bring in a little fashion, some fantasy, naughtiness, and above all youth—a word that they truly own but don’t use enough.” Get excited.

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