August 20 2014

styledotcom Cara Delevingne strips for Tom Ford:

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Brow Wars, The Fall 2010 Edition


With an increasingly demure face becoming the norm for Fall beauty, makeup artists have been hesitant to experiment with color and texture this season—except on the brows. We’ve already discussed Peter Philips’ efforts at Dries Van Noten and Linda Cantello’s work at Armani. But seeing as Pat McGrath’s single strokes of genius at Prada essentially started the revival of arch madness in Europe, it was only a matter of time before her name re-entered the equation. At Balenciaga this morning, a show where, for the past few seasons, McGrath has given us a bleached-out brow line, she left some girls with their natural forehead fringe while giving others chalky, candy-colored dye jobs in acid green, icy blue, and hot pink. The look was futuristic and retro all at once—a tribute to the space age and the swinging sixties, when titanium became a popular makeup additive, giving lipsticks and eye shadows a frosty finish. With brows like that, she didn’t need much else. Lashes were left without mascara, lips were nude, and skin was bare save for a very slight pink flush on the cheeks. Catwalk-to-sidewalk potential? Maybe not. But it did get us thinking outside the box about the potential of our own eyebrows. And isn’t that what the runway is really all about?

Photo: Don Ashby & Olivier Claisse /



  1. dobbyninja says:

    eyebrows need this credit received. these designers did this classy with a unique approach.

  2. NotMod says:

    This is a bit much to handle, but a little color underneath a natural, darker, full brow doesn’t seem to be. Tried and true, with thanks.

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