August 21 2014

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Death, the Fragrance; Vanity: A Global Epidemic; And More…


Any interest in a perfume called Puberty that smells of dirty socks and sweat, or a musky eau simply called Death? These were just a few of the conceptual projects on view at HEADSPACE, a day-long symposium to launch Parsons’ new, broad-reaching MFA program, Transdisciplinary Design. So…exploring the olfactory properties of, say, “depression” or “conception” is now considered a viable degree program? Graduate school just got more appealing. [New York Observer]

“Globalization hasn’t just given us Starbucks in Beijing and shopping malls in Africa. It is also creating an eerily homogenized look,” says photographer Zed Nelson, whose new online slideshow, “Bodies Altered in Pursuit of Beauty,” includes images of nose jobs in Iran, child beauty pageants in Texas, male chest waxing in New York, and leg-lengthening surgeries in China. ‘Tis a small, weird world we live in. [NYT]

Speaking of plastic surgery, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’s Top 10 list of the most requested procedures of the last year just came out. Turns out, boob jobs, eyelid lifts, and lipo qualified as “necessities” for a surprising number of people, even during a recession. [Forbes]

Now some natural beauty news. Actress Thandie Newton has scored a spokesperson job with Olay in the U.K. to be the (unaltered) face of its Total Effects skincare range. Pre-requisite PhotoShopping, that is. [Grazia]

Photo: Hulton Archive / Getty Images

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