August 27 2014

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Drugstore Discovery of the Week: Smells Like Teen Spirit


Some scents are impossible to erase from your memory, and everyone has their own list. My top three would be the powdery fragrance of my mom’s Anais Anais, her signature when I was a kid; the pungent odor of stop bath from many hours in a college darkroom; and the heady, camphor-rich aroma of the gigantic container of Noxzema cold cream that my grandmother kept in her bathroom. Every time I wandered in there I would use two hands to twist open the lid and take a long whiff. As a teenager, wooed by the Rebecca Gayheart commercials (look closely at the first one; her co-star is a young Jared Leto), I bought my own tub. Eventually, I forgot about it, until just this week when I cracked open a much sleeker-looking jar with a fancy new font and was greeted by the same weirdly comforting scent of menthol and camphor. And, when I slathered the thick cold cream on my face, that signature skin tingling sensation. Officially hooked all over again.

$4, at drugstores.



  1. rere1 says:

    what a shame its still tested on animals after all these years!

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