August 23 2014

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So Many New Nail Polishes From Chanel, So Little Time


Chanel’s summer makeup collection won’t be on shelves for another month, but the blogosphere is already buzzing about Peter Philips’ new Les Pop-Up de Chanel. The brightly colored range inspired by idyllic seaside vistas includes a host of vibrant full-coverage, sheer, and glossy creations for lips; two moisturizing bronzing powders; and three new nail lacquers to sufficiently satisfy the polish fiends out there, myself included. I was initially going to post this picture with a one word caption that just said, “discuss,” as at first glance these colors really speak for themselves, but after giving them each a test run, I have some thoughts I’d like to share. Initially, perhaps to buck popular opinion that has already heralded Philips’ aquamarine varnish, Nouvelle Vague, as the new Jade, I was leaning toward the two pink shades—Riviera, a bold rose, and Mistral, a soft, shimmering bubblegum. After trying them all, though, Nouvelle Vague does indeed pack the most punch, albeit one that I’ve definitely seen before (unlike with Jade’s unique deep minty tone, Philips’ blue polish resembles a host of other robin’s egg varnishes already on the market). But no matter; I’ll still break it out when my skin is slightly bronzed in a few months. If pastels aren’t your thing, Philips will also be releasing a matte black lacquer in a frosted bottle from Karl Lagerfeld’s Shanghai resort collection in April. Yes, weekly trips to your manicurist might soon be in order.



  1. jaquson says:

    I think the new pastel colors are a great change from the dark. We still need the dark, To long of a run of pastels can become blahhhh.

  2. McLeodTh says:

    Between the two pinks, which do you recommend for a tan? And how shimmery is Mistral? Too glittery or just enough to be chic?

  3. xxglitterxx says:

    the colors are so amazing.

  4. thegreat says:

    Riviera is best with a tan! A gorgeous hot pink. And Mistral has a little shimmer. Very subtle.

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