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The Clash Of The Titans Premiere Brings A Lesson In Weatherproof Event Hair


The topknot is gaining steam on the red carpet. Let’s look at the facts: Last week, it was Keri Russell’s wispy updo that caught our attention, and last night, actress Gemma Arterton showcased a sleeker version of the humidity- and rain-friendly style at the world premiere of Clash of the Titans in London. We were obviously drawn to this image because of our own current weather aversions (where are you, sun? Where are you?!) and because it’s a really easy way to look chic for a night out—even if the elements aren’t on your side. It’s very similar to Guido Palau’s handiwork at Marc Jacobs’ Spring show, in fact, and requires a simple slathering of smoothing serum like Redken’s Glass 01, brushing your hair upward, gathering it in a ponytail, and tightly twisting. Et voilà. The style works in 70-degree sun, too, so practice now so you can give it a happier debut when things clear up in New York this weekend. Would you rock it?

Photo: Anthony Harvey / PictureGroup / AP Photo; Dave M. Benett / Getty Images

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