August 22 2014

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Conquering The Fishtail Braid


Devoted readers of this blog may recall the enthusiasm with which we discussed Tom Pecheux’s red glitter lip backstage at Doo.Ri during the Fall shows. You may also recall that we didn’t spend much time—any, in fact—talking about Orlando Pita’s conjoining fishtail braids, which were equally noteworthy examples of beauty expertise. The reason we made that a makeup-specific blog entry was simple: The fishtail braid still eludes us, after years of practice. We literally stood behind Pita and watched him cross strands of hair on model after model, but for some reason, when we tried to repeat his motions at home, it was a disaster—and we fancy ourselves master French braiders, too. Enter T3, the show’s hair sponsor. Yesterday, they sent out a recap of the look with step-by-step directions and a handy sidebar—with excellent diagrams—to help guide us through the process. And just like that, we got it. (As we’ve mentioned before, we are visual learners). We’ve included Pita’s instructions below so you can follow along with the pictures and experiment at will. FYI to the long-haired among you: A tight ponytail with fishtail braiding through the lengths is a summer showstopper.


Take two equal sections of hair and pull a skinny strand from the outside of one section.

Cross Over

Cross the skinny strand over the other section of hair.


Join the skinny strand to the hair in that section and pull tight.


Now repeat the same motions with a skinny strand from the outside of the other section until you’ve created an extended “x” pattern.

Photo: Courtesy of T3 Micro; Stefan Gosatti / Getty Images

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