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Hair Color Tips From Nicole Richie’s Mane Man


If, like us, you’ve been fascinated by Nicole Richie’s transformation from bad girl with bad highlights to stylish mother and entrepreneur with gorgeous chestnut brown locks, then you might be interested in meeting George Papanikolas. The Joico celebrity colorist is responsible for making Richie the beautiful brunette she is today—not to mention keeping Mila Kunis’ auburn streaks perfectly intact and even working some magic on one Britney Spears (mostly during her comeback periods). He’s also well versed in protecting hair from the summer sun, which can add unwanted hues to your perfect dye job. “Precautions like hats and SPF products like Joico’s K-PAK Sun Therapy Protective Sun Milk are particularly important for women who use a permanent or semi-permanent base color, as they can get uneven fading if they don’t shield out the UV rays,” Papanikolas explains. For women with their own base color and a few highlights already in place, though, Papanikolas ascribes to an “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” philosophy, and recommends a “summer at the beach” look, which entails a few strategically placed baliage highlights to simulate the effects of the sun without actually basking in it. “Highlights should be able to go ten to 12 weeks, and once-processed colors should be maintained every four to six weeks,” he points out, adding that you may need to start heading to the salon more often since hair tends to grow faster in the warmer months. As for summer’s It colors, you need only know one word: ombré. “Ombré hair is the most requested service from my fashion-forward clients. The effect is darker hair at the roots that fades into a lighter color on the ends, so for blondes it’s dark blond fading into light blond; for brunettes, it’s brown fading to caramel or dark blond; and for redheads it’s copper fading to golden blond.” The technique also happens to sound like a green light for root touch-up negligence, which is music to our ears.

Photo: Courtesy of Joico

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