August 22 2014

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Jessica Sheds The Makeup, Jennifer Sheds The Pounds, And More…


While lowering cancer risks seems like a good reason for the health care reform bill’s 10 percent indoor tanning tax, there is a downside: Women own 67 percent of indoor tanning businesses, and the tax could lead to more than 1,000 business closures, resulting in 9,000 lost jobs. Insiders are calling it a “for-profit industrial genocide” brought on by powerful lobbyists for Botox. You can bet that a committee is being formed to fight the power; oh yes, it is. [Stylelist]

With her new VH1 series The Price of Beauty in full swing, Jessica Simpson is taking her “love me for who I am” mission a step further by going PhotoShop- and makeup-free on the cover of the latest issue of Marie Claire. And you know what? She looks good—smile lines and all! [EW]

“Does being thin resolve anything? No. At the end of the day, this kind of obsession is pointless and meaningless,” Demi Moore said in a recent interview, claiming that only when she stopped trying to control her body did she get the body she’d always wanted. Is that how she landed Ashton, too? [Daily Mail]

Exercise, meanwhile, was Jennifer Hudson’s route to attaining the body she’d always wanted. The recently named Weight Watchers spokesperson and born-again exercise fan relies on a 25-minute circuit-training routine of cardio, lunges, shoulder presses, and ab exercises five days a week to get to the point where she can “bounce quarters off of her butt.” [People]

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  1. glamamom says:

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  2. marvoi says:

    j-hud’s bangs don’t match her new image or maybe it’s the lipstick or the eyebrows. no, i think it’s really the bangs

  3. ElleMarie says:

    She really does look SKINNY! But i thought so also when she sang at the Superbowl or whatever it was last year and she wore that military jacket… she’s been losing weight for a while!! She looks fantastic, although the commercial for WW she’s in is hiiiiideous.

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