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Mary-Kate Olsen Takes the Crown


If you see Mary-Kate Olsen in this column a lot, it’s because she thinks outside the box—plain and simple. Take last night’s opening of Otarian, the Planet’s Most Sustainable Restaurant, in New York. MK eschewed classic milkmaid braids (which, for the record, she’s totally owned in the past) for a new adaptation of the style that creates a loose, messy coronet just around her hairline with the rest of the length left free-flowing in the back. Please also note that she’s taken the sections for her braid from the back of her head to create a hair bonnet of sorts that really helps achieve that messy, piece-y texture. It’s imperfect perfection, which is what the actress/designer/style icon seems to be uniquely skilled at, don’t you think? (Side note: also loving her bushy brows!)

Photo: Amanda Schwab / Startraks Photo; Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images



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  2. opinion says:

    very cute. (one wonders: where did she loose the other earring?)

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