July 10 2014

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News Flash: Chipped Nail Polish To Go The Way Of The Walkman


This, dear readers, is a photo of my nails—not two minutes after a manicure, but two weeks after a trip to the salon. What kind of deal with the devil did I have to make to maintain pure chip-free red polish for 14 whole days without reapplying or touching up? None, thanks to CND’s Shellac, a new hybrid nail technology that applies like a polish, stays on like a gel, and dries instantly (literally, I rifled through my bag only seconds after I had this done and there was no smudging nor regretful mutterings of expletives). Here’s how it goes down: The professional system has a base coat, a 12-piece color line to choose from, and a top coat—all of which are “3-Free” so they’re completely devoid of formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP. After each step, nails go under a special UV lamp to seal every layer; what you’re left with is a completely perfect, glistening paint job. The key point of difference is the removal process, which involves individual acetone-drenched pads that fasten to your fingertips and loosen the polish in ten minutes without the need of soaking, drilling, or filing. My aesthetician did have to use a wooden cuticle tool and a little elbow grease to completely remove all remnants of Tropix, the scarlet lacquer I chose, but my nail bed didn’t experience the kind of damage I’ve come to associate with plain old UV gels and other commercial systems. The only downsides are that a) there’s no at-home version of the system (yet) and b) turns out, I kind of like the look of chipped polish so this was almost too flawless a finish for me! If you do happen to be in the market for precision, though, Shellac rolls out to salons nationwide in May. Click here to find a participating location near you.