August 23 2014

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, And Rock Out


April 1 ushered in not only the official arrival of spring, as the cold rain gave way to 70-degree temperatures here in New York, but also of Earth Month, the annual celebration of our planet and its many precious resources. This means we’ll be using our blog space over the next few weeks to bring you news of green initiatives, noteworthy natural products…and a free rock concert, as the case may be. Origins announced this morning that it will host its first ever Origins Rocks Earth Month Concert on April 19 with a special free performance from Macy Gray at Webster Hall. Apparently it was Gray’s new single, “Beauty in the World,” that attracted Origins. In a repeat of its 2009 Global Earth Initiative—in which 7,500 pounds of empty cosmetic packaging were collected to be responsibly converted to energy—Origins will give out free tickets to the show in exchange for at least one used cosmetic package, regardless of brand. Bring your empties to Origins retail stores in Manhattan, Westchester, and the Garden State Plaza Mall ASAP while supplies last, and get ready to rock on the 19th.

Photo: Jonathan Mehring / Blixah / AP Images

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