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Viva La Belleza!, The Real Britney, And More…


Cuba’s Communist regime may be crumbling. How do we know? The country’s government is said to be turning over hundreds of barber shops and beauty salons to employees, marking the first time people have been offered the chance to operate state-run retail establishments since they were nationalized in 1968. You know what they say; it’s a slippery slope from beauty to democracy. [Telegraph];

A new study about women’s hair practices shows that one-quarter of subjects surveyed have cried after getting a haircut. We are not proud to admit that you can count us among that 25 percent. [Chicago Sun Times]

Jessica Simpson may have been the first pop star to go airbrush- and PhotoShop-free, but Britney Spears could have beat her to it, had the singer had her way. Apparently, Brit initially insisted that no digital retouching be applied to her latest round of Candie’s ads—cellulite, bruised shins, cracked heels, and all. But, alas, she ultimately succumbed to the pressures of perfection and let the altered images run. It’s the thought that counts, Britney. [Mirror]

Wrinkle remedy creams, early-prevention creams, and now menopause-specific face creams have emerged as the final frontier of the antiaging skincare boom. File it under things you didn’t know you needed but will likely buy when the time comes. [Independent]

Photo: Jen Lowery / Startraks Photo

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