August 22 2014

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Estelle, The Fragrance?; Miss America Returns To Network TV; And More…


The Cosmetics Executive Women’s annual Beauty Awards were doled out this weekend, making winners out of some shoe-ins (Marc Jacobs’ Lola, for one) and a few unlikely heroes, as well. The indie brand Living Proof took home not one but three awards. Interestingly, Estelle represented in an equally disproportionate number of categories, making a beauty deal for the British-born songstress seem imminent. [WWD]

Those raunchy Miss USA pictures drummed up a ton of press for Donald Trump’s Vegas extravaganza—and pageants in general, it would appear. With interest in the crown and sash renewed, Miss America is coming back to network TV, ABC specifically, after being relegated to TLC last year. Get ready for many cringe-worthy prime-time talent competitions to come. [Variety]

Kylie Minogue admits to dabbling in Botox in the past, but now the 41-year-old Aussie pop star is coming out against it and other age-defiers, vowing never again to change her looks with plastic surgery. This sounds like another Jane Fonda case in the making. [Daily Mail]

One thing Minogue isn’t swearing off is her celebrity fragrance franchise. Pink Sparkle, her latest olfactory creation, inspired by rosé bubbly, hits stores this summer. [Scented Salamander]

Photo: Brian Zak / Sipa Press

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