August 27 2014

styledotcom In a sea of #Emmys red, @nlyonne stood out in @openingceremony. Humberto Leon discusses:

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Getting High Off Good Hair


HEMP / (hemp) / n. / 1. An annual plant also known as Cannabis sativa, a member of the mulberry family; / n. / 2. Often confused with its cousin marijuana, it produces virtually no traces of the psychoactive chemical THC and is grown industrially for the strong fibers in its stalks, which can be used in the production of durable fabric, quality paper, and as a building material; / n. / 3. Containing seeds rich in essential fatty acids that can be distilled into an oil and used to stimulate hair growth at the root while providing shine, fullness, and elasticity through the shaft, e.g., “With its impressive ability to promote healthy tresses, hemp is a substance worth abusing.”

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