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The Nail Revolution Rages On; The “Bieber” Is The New “Rachel”; And More…


The nontraditional nail colors that have been showing up on the runway and the red carpet for the past year are finally trickling down to the mass level, which means the days of $100 eBay auctions for offbeat pastel polishes may soon be replaced by $2 drugstore rip-offs. And let us say, amen. [WWD]

Speaking of nontraditional nail news, U.K.-based varnish brand Nails Inc has partnered with Diet Coke to make a limited-edition range of shades inspired by the four fashion capitals of the world. The connection between the fizzy beverage and the beauty biz is unclear, but we’d definitely wear Milan’s fiery red—maybe even while sipping on a can of the popular low-calorie soda. []

Bieber mania is sweeping the nation, as the teen pop sensation’s side-swept tawny bangs are becoming an adolescent haircut phenomenon. Kids (and some misguided adults) are apparently requesting the style en masse at salons across the country, spawning an army of Justin lookalikes and ushering in a new generation of men who care. [NYT]

Try as she might, Heidi Montag just can’t seem to stay out of the media spotlight, as news of another planned plastic surgery to increase her entirely “proportional” breast implants has “mysteriously” come out. Poor girl. Why can’t people just leave her alone? [Life & Style]

Photo: Charles Sykes / Rex USA

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