September 1 2014

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The Teen Tan Ban Comes to New York, And More…


First came the tan tax, and now New York could adopt a “Teen Tan Ban” if a new law passes the state legislature. It’s already illegal to fake bake if you’re under 14 in the Empire State, but if all goes according to plan, New York would have the only statewide under-18 tan ban in the nation—and just in time to put a damper on prom season, too. [Times Union]

Not getting enough sleep? A new study shows that dark circles and sallow skin may be the least of your problems. Lack of sufficient shut-eye has been shown to affect the body’s immune function, hormone secretion, and physical and mental stamina, which can directly affect your hair, leading to a dull appearance, stunted follicle growth, or (eek!) hair loss. [Stylelist]

Hopefully, Robert Pattinson is getting his eight hours. The Twilight hunk recently admitted to Oprah that he’d rather be beautiful than influential—a tune we imagine he would quickly change if male pattern baldness ever entered the picture. [Monsters and Critics]

Gisele Bündchen, Heidi Klum, and Kate Moss, on the other hand, have proven that you can be both things, raking in an estimated $50 million collectively this year for ads seen around the world. [Forbes]

You can add Miranda Kerr to team beauty-plus-influence, as well. In addition to her Victoria’s Secret obligations and the launch of her new natural skincare line, the Aussie model has apparently penned a book about body image called Treasure Yourself. No word yet on whether writing prowess and admirable syntax also factor into the equation. [Huff Po]

Photo: David Fisher / Rex / Rex USA

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