July 30 2014

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Diptyque Does Vetiver For Him And Her


Having attended my fair share of fragrance launches, I’ve become quite adept at perfumery jargon. “I can really smell the top notes,” I’ve been known to say with a tester in front of my nose. And after spritzing my pulse points, I usually offer something like this: “Oooh, it really evolves on the skin, doesn’t it?” Last week I had an actual conversation about the merits of vetiver, in which I discussed its versatile nature, spewing out something to the effect of, “I feel like most people consider it a purely masculine note, but I find it can be quite feminine when incorporated correctly.” (OK, that’s verbatim, and I am a huge nerd.) The cool, damp green essence is indeed having a moment with the fairer sex this summer, though, thanks in large part to Diptyque. The popular fragrance house—which just launched its first e-commerce site—recently released Vetyverio, an Indonesian vetiver eau de toilette that’s fleshed out with organic ylang-ylang from Madagascar, Turkish rose, and geranium, and given a slight pep from Italian mandarin, Florida grapefruit, and Sicilian lemon. It is lush, it is fresh, it is unisex. Vetyverio becomes warm and powdery when mixed with my female pheromones, but I’m sure the effect would be quite different on my S.O. Now if only he’d agree to dabble in fragrance.

Photo: Courtesy of Diptyque

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