August 27 2014

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Gwyneth Soaks Up The Sun, Getting A “Hair Tan,” And More…


Leave it to Gwyneth Paltrow to bring the controversial vitamin D debate to public attention. After being diagnosed with low bone density, the actress now subscribes to the idea that concentrated sun exposure in moderation can actually be a good thing for boosting vitamin D levels. Using her widely popular Guinness-drinking-during-pregnancy technique as precedent, we’re guessing that her go-ahead to sun worship will spread like wildfire. [Independent]

You don’t have to go out into the sun to partake in “hair tanning,” a new salon craze that mimics the function of a gradual self-tanner for your hair. The idea is to achieve that perfect shade of light brown with baby-fine highlights, à la Gisele, using a two-step system that includes a primer to boost radiance and a developer to take hair one shade lighter. The best part? No wrinkles—and it’s tan-tax free, for now. [Grazia]

Sadly, Naomi Campbell won’t be hair tanning anytime soon. After years of tight braiding and weaving traumas, the supermodel is showing signs of baldness. [Huff Po]

…Which should please her Russian tycoon boyfriend. According to a new study, there’s only a seven-minute gap between men and women when it comes to time spent on primping. Less hair means less time in the bathroom. [StyleList]

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