August 22 2014

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Oribe Does Dirty Pretty Hair


The new Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray may sound like a dry shampoo—it’s a matte powder spray that removes oil and grime. But the invisible mist isn’t really meant to clean hair. Just the opposite: It gives you that deliberately “dirty,” lived-in texture that is typically only achieved by a star stylist (or serious negligence). Oribe, the mane guy for stars like Jennifer Lopez and Sandra Bullock, formulated this latest creation with a NASA-like mixture of ingredients that includes a blend of colorless copolymers that wrap around individual strands like invisible gauze, to roughen and thicken hair without weighing it down—or leaving an obvious trail of dusty residue. Hydrolyzed wheat proteins and humectants add body and low-key shine, while antioxidant-rich extracts seal in color and moisture, a nice benefit if you’re a slave to your blow-dryer. Spritz it on just-washed hair and let it air-dry for a slept-in look. And the styler wouldn’t be Oribe-worthy if it didn’t have some totally chic and glamorous element. In this case, that would be the signature floral-musky scent, custom-designed by the eau experts at Givaudan to infuse strands with an A-list air.

Photo: Courtesy of Oribe



  1. LindseyHola says:

    This one looks great.And I was glad to know Faciano Dry Shampoo as well since it does clean and good texture to my hair.

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