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R.I.P. The “Pob”; Dove’s “Real” Beauty, Still Flawless; And More…


Tiring of the “Pob,” Victoria Beckham has traded in her angular short hair cut for long extensions. [People StyleWatch]

Jessica Simpson hasn’t changed her hair, but she has changed her diet. The Price of Beauty star, who last week used her Twitter account to refute plastic surgery rumors, took to cyberspace again last night to let her fans know that she’d “shocked [her] system with a vegan diet.” Just so everyone’s clear, the new regimen has nothing to do with weight loss and everything to do with “understanding [her] body through hydration and alkalinity.” And so another accusatory Twitter thread has been pre-empted. [Us Weekly]

Helen Mirren isn’t a vegan, but her body looks bangin’ nonetheless. Her secret? Sucking in her stomach for pictures and a low-key workout schedule. “I’m unbelievably lazy,” the Elizabeth star claims. Hopefully, inactivity will allow us, too, to look that good in a bikini at age 64. [WWD]

Until then, our nonexistent fitness regimen could earn us a spot in Dove’s next “Real Beauty” campaign. In an ad posted on Craigslist over the weekend, the beauty brand put out a casting call for “real women only,” so no actresses or models allowed. They only want you to be so real, though. The post also specified that you must be “naturally fit,” “not too curvy,” and “not too athletic.” And “beautiful hair and skin are a must.” Interested applicants should also consider, say, acting or modeling. [The Cut via Jezebel]

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