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Salma Hayek Does Hair By The Book


Seeing Salma Hayek in the preview for Grown Ups left us puzzled (Sandler, James, Rock, Spade…Hayek?), but we’re plenty happy to see her on the press circuit. At the movie’s premiere in New York last night, the actress sported clean skin, a little bit of mascara, and a sheer red lip for a lovely, toned-down makeup look. It was her hair that really blew us away—the length, the shine, that perfect blowout. Hayek’s trusted hairstylist, Robert Vetica, has so mastered the art of putting hot air to round brush that he could write a book on the subject—oh, wait, he already did. See his Good to Great Hair: Celebrity Hairstyling Techniques Made Simple to turn heads like Salma (bountiful décolletage unfortunately not included).

Photo: Marion Curtis / Startraks Photo



  1. _Abby29 says:

    I love the sleek, simplicity of the look. When I grow my hair out, I’m definitely doing my hair that way.

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