August 20 2014

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The 411: Victoria Hunter


The 411 is a new feature on Beauty Counter, in which we ask some of our favorite experts to reveal their go-to gurus for everything from manicures and highlights to perfumers and holistic healers. Because when it comes to being the best in beauty, it takes one to know one.

Victoria Hunter has been in the business of hair for over 20 years. Originally from Queensland, Australia, Hunter has traveled the world spreading her hair color gospel (she uses a unique hair painting technique), spending time in London, Hong Kong, and Paris before landing in New York. She held the illustrious position of color director at Bumble and Bumble for 13 years, all the while building an impressive editorial portfolio—her work has been featured in Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Vogue Italia, i-D, and W. But many of you may know her best in her current role, as co-owner and master colorist at the adorable Whittemore House Salon, which she opened in 2009 with fellow Bumble expat Larry Raspanti. We met Hunter back in her Bumble days when she was dyeing wigs backstage at fashion week and have been smitten—with both her coloring talents and wicked sense of humor—ever since. Here, she dishes on her tried and true beauty destinations.

The Pro: Victoria Hunter

Co-owner and colorist at Whittemore House Salon

Whittemore House Salon, 45 Grove St., NYC, (212) 242-8880,

The Hair: Michelle Snyder at Whittemore House Salon

“I have exactly five hairs on my head and [Michelle] somehow manages to make it look thicker, fuller, longer, and sexy in about five minutes.”

Whittemore House Salon, 45 Grove St., NYC, (212) 242-8880,

The Colorist: Larry Raspanti at Whittemore House Salon

“He always comes up with new ideas and is totally thoughtful and tasteful in his work.”

Whittemore House Salon, 45 Grove St., NYC, (212) 242-8880,

The Nail Salon: Jin Soon

“I love how small and intimate it is, and their technicians really pay attention to detail.”

Jin Soon, 23 Jones St., NYC, (212) 229-1070,

The Acupuncturist/Spiritual Healer: Abdi Assadi

“Abdi is the most incredible healer I’ve ever met. From the moment you walk in the door, he knows what to talk about and what to work on to help you move forward in your life.”

Abdi Assadi, 27 W. 20th St., #1104, NYC, (212) 243-7121,

The Massage Therapist: Paige Vosper

“[Paige] comes to your house and is very intuitive as to where to go and what to release and unblock.”

Paige Vosper, (917) 596-1313,

The Doyenne of Depilatory: Rose Woo at Oasis Day Spa

“[Rose] is painless, uses the best wax—and gives good advice!”

Oasis Day Spa, 1 Park Ave., (212) 254-7722,

The Perfume: Le Labo

“Rose perfumes are my favorite and their version, Rose 31, is amazing. I also love that the staff wears lab coats.”

Le Labo, 233 Elizabeth St., NYC, (212) 219-2230,


Photo: Courtesy of Victoria Hunter

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