August 30 2014

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A Pedicurist’s Best-Kept Secret


A few weeks ago, I was sitting on the pedicure throne at Jin Soon Hand and Foot Spa, sipping the house blend of citron tea and apologizing to the nail pro about my less-than-pristine feet. Summer blisters and calluses had set in, and I was in need of some serious TLC. My pedicurist had, no doubt, seen plenty of cracked heels and knew exactly what to reach for—i.e., an expertly culled assortment of unmarked creams and scrubs. It wasn’t my first time visiting Jin Soon, but to be honest, I had never really zoned in on what products are typically applied to my calves and feet. This time, I was inspired to watch closely, since I obviously need to start doing some pro-style DIY maintenance at home. The delicious, cucumber-scented cream particularly intrigued me; it transformed into a mask after a few minutes and softened my tough patches instantly but didn’t create an oil slick on my skin. I was prepared to beg (or bribe) the pedicurist to score a jar of the mystery cream, but then she just offered up the information: Elizabeth Arden! I immediately e-mailed Jin Soon herself to double-check, and she confirmed that I could go knock on the Red Door to find the cream, which I did. Once I commenced beauty sleuthing, I learned that Arden is actually phasing out its spa line but sells near-replicas from Villa Floriani, a phyto-organic brand produced in Italy. And good news—its Ultra-Hydrating Cucumber Body Cream performs almost exactly like the kind I experienced at Jin Soon. To experience the original cream in all its pampering glory, head to Jin Soon (while her supplies last), or you can pick up the next best thing at the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas.

Photo: Courtesy of Villa Floriani

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