August 28 2014

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Better Sleep In A Bottle?


Eminem recently admitted that his addiction to Ambien led to his pre-record release downward spiral—news that definitely gave me pause about popping the same pills (big 8 Mile fan over here). Not sure if Em arrived at the sleeping aids the same way I did, but when I don’t get at least six peaceful hours of shut-eye, my skin most definitely pays the price. My dark circles stand out more and my ghostly pallor scares strangers. In an effort to avoid addiction, I recently decided to try ReBloom, a new natural sleep aid meant to be sipped 30 to 60 minutes before you want to doze off. It was developed by Jonathon Blunt, a former energy-drink executive who found his fiancée’s Ambien habit somewhat worrisome (she once sleepwalked through an airport). Determined to find a safer alternative, Blunt worked with researchers to concoct an earthy-tasting brew of valerian (a flowering plant with relaxing effects), L-Theanine (an amino acid found in green tea), and melatonin (a compound that regulates the sleep/wake cycle). Chamomile and lavender provide further calming benefits, and a slightly bitter aftertaste, which nevertheless didn’t stop me from downing the 2.5 ounce bottles over the course of a week. While ReBloom didn’t knock me out with the force of Ambien’s velvet hammer, the elixir did help relax me enough to drift off faster and stay asleep longer than usual. I didn’t experience any groggy hangover, either—a potential side effect of melatonin—nor did I sleepwalk through the neighborhood (I checked with my fiancé). In the hopes of healthy nights’ sleep and fresher skin, the drink definitely serves a purpose. And while it’s unlikely that I will be selling out a stadium tour with Jay-Z anytime soon, I too might be turning over a new leaf.

Photo: Courtesy of ReBloom

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