August 21 2014

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Circle Lenses Are Square; LiLo’s Forced Make-Under; And More…


The anime eyes Lady Gaga sported in her “Bad Romance” video have sparked a potentially hazardous “circle lenses” craze. For non-visually-impairing doll-like eyes, you could just watch YouTube phenom and Lancôme video artist Michelle Phan’s tutorial on how to get the look with makeup. Over 1 million people already have. [CNN]

Things just keep getting worse for LiLo. Not only will she have to spend 90 days in jail (it will be less; let’s be honest), but she also can’t wear hair extensions or makeup the entire time she’s in the slammer. No hair dye either, we’d imagine, which means we could potentially see a naturally ginger (and uncharacteristically sober) Lohan when her three months of incarceration are up. [TMZ]

There are new reasons to be wary of the Atkins diet—aside from that whole bummer about not being able to eat carbs. A recent study shows that high-protein, low-carb diets can cause substantial bone-density loss in women over 40. [Daily Mail]

Better to just make like Cindy Crawford, who works out regularly, eats a balanced diet, allows for the occasional “splurge,” and is honest with herself about what her aging body needs to look its best—like, say, Botox. “When I was 30 I might have said, ‘I’m just going to age in a way that honors time and is completely natural,’ but I’m no longer so highbrow about it,” the supermodel recently told Ladies’ Home Journal while admitting to the occasional line-freezing injection. So much for Meaningful Beauty, eh? [Monsters and Critics]

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