July 22 2014

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Crazy For Cola


It’s official; I am ready for fall. A combination of this latest East Coast heat wave, an air-conditioner that’s been on the fritz, and the consistent flow of cooler-weather-appropriate nail lacquers to recently cross my desk has pushed me over the edge (all right, it was mostly the latter). We’ve already mentioned China Glaze’s seasonal polish offerings of berries, deep purples, and warm earth tones on this blog, but another color you’re going to want to put on your radar for September is Cola, the latest from Zoya. Part of the brand’s Wonderful collection of cream polishes, the varnish is not quite Bordeaux and not quite chocolate but rests happily in between the two. All potential contenders are not in yet, but so far, the warm, mortarlike hue is the front-runner for my first post-Labor Day manicure. Whether or not I will be topping it off with some choice nail art remains to be seen.


Photo: Courtesy of Zoya

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