August 27 2014

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Eat, Pray, Love, Spritz


The on-screen version of Elizabeth Gilbert’s best-selling tome Eat, Pray, Love hits theaters in August, but the hype surrounding the epically popular chick-lit book’s cinematic debut has been going strong for months. Julia Roberts plays Gilbert, which in itself assures the movie a number one spot at the box office on its opening weekend; and then there are the hoards of excited female fans who have come to identify with the author’s tale of self-discovery. The beauty connection may not be apparent at first, but oh, it’s there. Gilbert’s sensory detail leaves much room for conjuring all kinds of tactile, aromatic, and palatable images—something that wasn’t lost on Lev Glazman, Fresh’s co-founder and fragrance designer, and the man responsible for the label’s new Eat Pray Love eau de parfum collection. Eat is meant to evoke tasty Italian pastries and fine wine with notes of Italian lemon, plum, red currant, caramel, and vanilla; Pray is inspired by India’s spice-infused breezes and includes essences of juniper berry, incense, patchouli, amber, and musk; and Love’s mango blossom, lisylang, dewy jasmine, and sandalwood are a spot-on representation of the lush, exotic Indonesian landscape. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I’ve found myself drawn to Eat and Love more than Pray (I haven’t been to temple in years!), but all three are successful adaptations of Gilbert’s funny and endearing prose. It remains to be seen whether the film itself will translate as well.

Photo: Courtesy of Fresh

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