August 28 2014

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Have Your Collagen Shaken—And Stirred


Rodial is nothing if not on point. In these days of plastic surgery proliferation, the U.K.-based luxury skincare brand has developed a following for its effective topical treatments designed to slim, trim, firm, and smooth skin without going under the knife. The latest addition to its popular collection of mix-and-drink powder sticks are the Glamtox Sticks, ingestible collagen-boosting extracts and peptides that have their roots in Japan, where collagen drinks are popular for maintaining a line-free, radiant complexion. When your collagen production starts to slow as you age, drinking it is the next best thing to receiving it by injection (a road we are not quite ready to travel down), and the Japanese are first-in-class when it comes to certain beauty techniques (aside from flawless skin, nobody does nail art better). The Rodial version, now available at select Nordstrom stores, comes with 14 individual-sized packets to be mixed with water, enough for two weeks’ worth of moisture-boosting and face-smoothing power. You can also speed up the process by taking two packets a day to see results in a week, if you’re prepping for a big event. And they taste…OK. The berry flavoring is not too sweet or overpowering but is still ever-so-slightly reminiscent of children’s medicine. Regardless, we’re a few days in and the effects—psychosomatic as they may be—already appear to be taking shape. Bottoms up!

Photo: Courtesy of Rodial

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