August 27 2014

styledotcom A celebrity hair whisperer spills her styling secrets:

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Icons And Hair Hats At JPG Couture


With last season’s ode to that peculiar crossroads where Avatar meets Mexico out of his system, Jean Paul Gaultier gave his backstage team a somewhat simpler directive for his Fall Couture presentation. “A twist on iconic touches” is how makeup artist Tom Pecheux described the designer’s instruction yesterday, as he built a look that paid homage to Madonna (those heavy brows), Marilyn Monroe (those pursed scarlet lips), and Greta Garbo (the fake lashes). As for the hair, coif master Odile Gilbert added some characteristic flair with her theatrical, sculptural updos. When models weren’t wearing actual decorative turbans, their tresses were fastened to resemble them, with tall, shellacked looped structures towering over their heads. Her handiwork might not work its way into your fall look, but Pecheux has made a strong argument for the red lip and the elongated gray smoky eye—as if they needed another endorsement.

Photo: Luca Cannonieri /

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