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Keeping It Clean For The Fourth


If your holiday weekend plans involve dropping by a friend’s well-positioned beach house, you’ll want to come prepared with the appropriate thanks-for-letting-me-crash gift. We’ve always found that you can’t go wrong with a luxurious version of something basic, like wonderful linens, or our personal favorite, handmade soaps. Saipua, our go-to flower and soap studio in Red Hook, Brooklyn, is the place to stock up on such thoughtful essentials. Co-owners Sarah Ryhanen and Eric Famisan hand-cut and cure their bars using an olive oil recipe as a base, to which they then add quirky, imaginative ingredients. Their new Basil soap—the tenth in their suds collection—is a definite conversation starter. It marries hand-pressed Hungarian basil with a bit of sweet lime oil to form “a husky green scent,” according to Ryhanen. When asked how she came up with the earthy combination, Ryhanen explains that lime oil helps cut the intensity of the basil, providing a sweet and mellow counterpoint to the herb’s otherwise sharp aroma. Adding to the intrigue, each bar is stamped with an image of an old Victorian lace mask. Why? It’s mysterious, which sold Ryhanen. At $8 a bar, you can afford to replenish the soap supply on return visits, too, thus keeping yourself in the favor of those with prime real estate.

Photo: Courtesy of Saipua

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