August 30 2014

styledotcom In honor of the #USOpen, 19 of the greatest tennis fashion moments:

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Mad Men, Now In Nail Polish Form; Anti-Aging Automobiles; And More…


Mad Men the nail polish is coming! Four new lacquers will debut this fall, inspired by fabrics used in the cocktail dresses of that era. We are not exaggerating when we say nothing has ever excited us more. [WWD]

Britney Spears used her Twitter account to leak the print ad for her new fragrance, Radiance, last night. And to answer our burning question from a few weeks back, her state of undress is…minimal. We’ll leave the conversation about the state of her Photoshopped bod for another time. [People]

Ever feel the urge to “base tan” before a beach jaunt so your unsightly paleness won’t offend other vacationers? Well, if you’re travelling out of the United Kingdom, you can get a pre-flight bronze with Gatwick Glow, a new program that offers passengers traveling out of the London international airport a Saint-Tropez spray tan before they fly. JFK? Newark? Are you paying attention? [Daily Mail]

Never mind running on electricity. The cars of the future will help keep you looking better, too. Apparently, the forthcoming Nissan Leaf will not only use alternative energy and have plush seats designed by NASA but will also boast an air conditioner that spritzes passengers with vitamin C to help prevent skin damage and wrinkles. You’ve gotta love Japanese design. [US News & World Report]

Photo: Carin Baer / AMC



  1. FrancoiseZooey says:

    It would be nice if people didn’t refer to paleness as unsightly. Some of us are perfectly comfortable with the coloring we were born with. And if anyone is offended by my paleness, then go hang out elsewhere.

  2. annina66 says:

    I’m with you FrancoiseZooey: I’m very proud of my pale skin, what’s wrong with that????

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