August 28 2014

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Michelle Williams Goes Ginger; Genetic Beauty Tests Have Arrived; And More…


Remember Michelle Williams’ adorable, platinum cropped cut from Cannes a couple of months back? Well, it’s gone—replaced by a page boy in a shade of strawberry blond. We miss the pixie. [Pop Sugar]

Bad news for Paris-based fans of Origins. The skincare company is pulling out of France at the end of the month, even giving up its prime counter space at Le Bon Marché. Thankfully, London’s Origins-stocked beauty counters are but a Eurostar ride away. [WWD]

If you’ve ever wished for a way to find out if you are predisposed to cellulite, hair loss, obesity, psoriasis, or even melanoma, this one’s for you. New genetic beauty tests are hitting the market to help fend off pesky health and wellness issues before they start. [StyleList]

Unfortunately, those newfangled swab tests don’t trump environmental factors when it comes to the condition of your skin—and neither can lucrative spokesperson deals, apparently. Despite being the face of Proactiv, Katy Perry can’t seem to shake those occasional breakouts (stars, they’re just like us). [NYDN]

Photo: Sean O’Neill / White / INFphoto

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