August 30 2014

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Miller Harris Turns Ten


Happy Birthday, Miller Harris! The famed British perfumery founded by perfumer Lyn Harris celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, and to properly fête a full decade of fragrance, Harris is getting back to basics with four limited-edition eaux parfumées. Lighter, cologne versions of the Classics—the first four perfumes Harris ever created, to mimic the four main fragrance families (citrus, floral, woody, and oriental)—the new collection offers up tweaked, airy adaptations of her original formulas. Citron Citron, Harris’ classic citrus scent, has been cooled down with sparkling green notes like basil, mint, and moss. Coeur de Fleur, her beloved floral, has been enhanced with a white flower accord centered around orange flower blossoms. The rich top accord of Fleur Oriental has been given a jolt of citrus notes to lend it a lighter, tangy flair. And to the woody galbanum note in our personal favorite, Terre de Bois, Harris has added an exotic fruity accord for what she describes as an “extra twist.” We’re still partial to the musky original, although Terre de Bois 2.0 is slightly more wearable in summer’s pervasive humidity. Formulated with only a very small amount of alcohol, it acts as fragrant skin refresher and should be spritzed liberally.

Photo: Courtesy of Miller Harris

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