August 27 2014

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Odin Is Bringing Unisex Back


Lady Gaga isn’t the only one (who may or may not be) making a case for unisex fragrances. The Odin boys, Paul Birardi and Eddy Chai, made a strong showing in the category when they launched a three-piece collection of androgynous scents last fall. With the debut of Petrana, their latest eau, the boutique owners appear to be staying the his-and-hers course. But the fourth fragrance in Odin’s portfolio, which debuts today on, seems slightly more feminine at first; it is, after all, a floral. “One of the hardest things to tackle is florals,” Chai said. He and Birardi started with a color reference, rather than a specific flower, giving Drom perfumer Jean Claude Delville a single word of inspiration: black. From there, Delville conjured images of black calla lilies, blending essences of deep purple cassis with black iris, violet absolute, and wild orris root for a sweet and spicy mix that does in fact work with a range of different pheromones. Think of it as something you and your s.o. can share. Tell him to get his own face wash, though.

Photo: Courtesy of Odin

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