August 30 2014

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Ride And Roll, Courtesy of Diptyque


The New York subway is a daily reality for me, and while there are a few in-transit grooming rituals that I excuse—lip glossing and moisturizing hands, for instance—there are a few others that I’m simply not OK with. Topping this list is any kind of nail clipping or eyebrow tweezing (no, no, no, and never), followed closely by the spraying of perfume. You see, my dear public, the subway car is an enclosed vessel, one in which there is absolutely no fresh air. When you spray your perfume, however lovely it might be, it will soon waft into strangers’ mouths and eyes, causing extreme discomfort and, in some cases, a gag reaction (Drakkar Noir lover on the 2/3, I’m talking to you). In my dreams, every subway perfume applier would switch to Diptyque—partially because practically every scent in its repertoire smells heavenly, but also because the beloved fragrance house will introduce a convenient, highly portable gel roll-on format for its four colognes next month. Soon, you will be able to discreetly apply L’Eau de l’Eau, L’Eau de Neroli, L’Eau de Hesperides, and L’Eau de Tarocco even on the most crowded subway car and remain within the realm of appropriate public conduct.

Photo: Courtesy of Diptyque

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