August 20 2014

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Drugstore Discovery Of The Week: L’Oréal Feels The Vibrations


Maybe it’s just us, but there’s something off-putting about vibrating mascaras. While they may fulfill their individual promises, we’re of the mind that if you’re going to bring a pulsating object that close to your eyeballs, it should do something more than paint your lashes an inky hue. Enter L’Oréal’s latest skincare innovation, the Collagen Micro-Pulse Eye. After reading cosmetic chemist James Hammer’s glowing recommendation, we decided that the vibrating tube’s dual-purpose eye system deserved a test drive. The handy pen is designed to transform your tired, droopy, dark-circled peepers with two simple steps: First, dab a few dots of the cream under and at the outer corner of the eyes to target raccoon shadows and fine lines. Then flip the switch and gently drag the micro-pulse massager around the area to soothe puffiness. The mild massage feels particularly heavenly on work-weary, sleep-deprived eyes, almost lulling you into a gentle state of calm. We suggest keeping one by your desk for mid-afternoon touchups—and an easy way to de-stress.

Photo: Courtesy of L’Oréal

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