August 30 2014

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Emma Watson Goes Short


As Hollywood’s highest paid female actor in 2009, Emma Watson has one of the most valuable manes in the business. But with the final two films in the Harry Potter series set for November 2010 and July 2011 releases, it looks like she’s ready to say goodbye to Hermione Granger. This morning, Watson exposed the world to her post-Hogwarts look via Twitter. Her pixie cut puts us in mind of Mia Farrow circa Rosemary’s Baby, but no word on whether the young star has her own horror flick in the works. What do you think of her daring new look?



  1. sbohn22 says:

    Love it!

  2. Pencilas says:

    Fantastic! She looks 10 million times more stunning with the pixie.

  3. Lidia_K says:


  4. beatlesarelovee88 says:

    I like it a lot, it really brings out her features.

  5. meandmyissues says:

    she looks amazing

  6. nathawk says:

    She looks incredible. Well done!!!

  7. elyse says:


  8. modmarketvintage says:


  9. ChanelBoy4Ever says:

    SUBLIME! Tres Enchante! She looks RADIANT! WOW! So Beautiful! TRES BELLE!

  10. SylviaWest says:

    She pulls this off well, so beautiful

  11. lousybeatnik says:

    I dig the cut minus the highlights…

  12. PattyG says:

    I think she looks wonderful and has the “face” for this cut. Keep it if you like it Emma!

  13. modestylist says:

    She looks gorgeous, a young Mia Farrow.

  14. olishka22 says:

    I’m a huge fan of short hair on women…but unfortunately Emma’s new look doesn’t work for me: it washes the features right off of her face.

  15. noni says:

    Im not sure I like it..It worked for Mia Farrow and not many girls have been able to trylu rock that look since.

    Emmas long, wavy hair suits her! =)

  16. jaanak says:

    Stunning. Gorgeous. She really cut that little-girl-next-door -look right off. She still looks like her, but more grown-up and somehow like she means business.

  17. makeupguru1971 says:


  18. CBFashionista says:

    With features as stunning as Emma’s why hide behind hair!! She looks stunning, youthful and above all confident. Go girl!

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