July 31 2014

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Lady Gaga’s Diet Secrets, Andy Roddick Swears Off Manscaping, And More…


Lady Gaga’s trim body isn’t due to physically demanding onstage dancing (read: air-humping and hip thrusting) alone. According to her choreographer LaurieAnn Gibson, Gaga keeps a pretty strict diet while on tour. “It’s all about salsa with grain chips, tofu, turkey slices, hummus, and coconut water,” Gibson says. If you were wondering how you too can rock bodysuits and bodysuits alone, now you know. [People]

Model Brooklyn Decker may be into primping, but her husband, tennis pro Andy Roddick, can’t be bothered—especially with the U.S. Open in full swing. “There’s really no routine. I shave once every ten days. No manscaping for me,” he says. As the new spokesman for Lacoste’s Challenge eau de parfum, we’re assuming he feels more passionately about his fragrance routine. [Stylelist]

Let it be known Paris Hilton is not a drug user, despite what you may have read recently. How do we know? Her hairstylist—credible source that he is—told us. Hilton’s go-to coif master, Michael Boychuck, says that Paris “wants everyone to know she does not do drugs and does not have time for that.” Satisfied? [Radar Online]

The rumor mill is churnin’, but the family-owned OPI confirms that it is not in fact selling its quirky nail polish brand to a bigger company, like Essie did earlier this year. Phew. We worry that going corporate would mean the end of all those quirky names—”I’m not really a waitress,” anyone? [WWD]

For your wacky beauty news bit of the day, we bring you “beauty goggles” that reduce facial wrinkles through the combination of a lifting action and specially designed massaging ridges. Wherever can you get your hands on these modern marvels? Only in Japan, of course. [The Frisky]

Photo: Villard / SIPA Press



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