August 30 2014

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The “Best Lipstick For Denim” Mystery Has Been Solved


The burning question of what lip color works best with jeans never really struck me as a universal quandary, but if the myriad of recent denim-inspired pout perfectors to hit the beauty counter is any indication, all of womankind wants to know. Bobbi Brown and Victoria’s Secret have already weighed in, and the latest beauty guru to mouth off on the issue is none other than Lipstick Queen’s Poppy King. “I am so sick of shimmery nude lip gloss’ hold on denim,” King says of the impetus behind her new Jean Queen range, which includes a yellow-based, pink hued lipstick and gloss to offset denim’s deep blues “without looking sugary and without a dot of glitter!” Shades of rose are a common thread among all three releases, which would seem to provide a unanimous answer to those of you still clueless about how best to accessorize your Levi’s.

Photo: Courtesy of Lipstick Queen

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