September 3 2014

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The Buck Stops At Uslu Airlines


The euro may be used in 22 countries, but when Uslu Airlines’ Feride Uslu thinks universal currency, it’s the dollar she envisions. The popular Berlin-based cosmetics company she founded has created a nail polish inspired by the greenback. Packaged with a single bill that’s been stamped with the words “world,” “love,” and “money,” the minty green lacquer is called One to convey the notion of singularity between all three concepts—the hope being that One won’t just inspire mani/pedi fans, but a unified world currency as well. (Hey, a girl can dream.) So, why the American currency? “It’s the most known and recognized globally, no explanation needed anywhere,” Uslu says. “It’s the perfect size to fit in every wallet—and it makes the most tip-able currency. T-I-P are three letters we also care about!”

Photo: Courtesy of Uslu Airlines

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