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Bliss, The Fragrance


From the people that have restored clarity and luster to many a sad, sallow complexion with their Triple Oxygen Facial, and happened upon the aromatically harmonious nature of lemon and sage, comes, at long last, a perfume. That’s right, Bliss acolytes: The moment has arrived for the blue brand’s very first foray into fragrance. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the eponymous eau de toilette aims to capture the spa experience in a bottle boasting a bright, mood-boosting blend of bergamot, cucumber, lily, ylang-ylang, and violet that manages to encapsulate the spirit, more than the actual aroma, of the peppy New York-bred pampering empire. Consider it an olfactory pick-me-up for those of you who can’t squeeze in a signature Blissage 75 body work treatment on a daily basis.

Photo: Courtesy of Bliss

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