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Bobbi Brown Is For The Children


Bobbi Brown’s awkward youth was the impetus behind her new book, Beauty Rules. “Because I wasn’t comfortable with how I looked, I learned to experiment with my hair and makeup,” the cosmetics queen has said. In a slight departure from her five other tomes (yes, you read right), Brown’s sixth, published this month, goes beyond advice on how to build a smoky eye and aims to tell the youths of the world that “it’s OK to look different from everyone else. And that you don’t have to look like a Barbie.” It’s essentially a user’s manual for teenage girls on how to build beauty from the inside out with tips on exercise, eating right, and being a good friend. The hardback also features personal accounts from Coco Rocha and Hilary Duff, who both discuss overcoming what they once perceived as imperfections, ultimately learning to accept themselves as they are. In conjunction with the book, Brown has launched a limited-edition palette. The notebook-style compact features four eye shadows (two sparkly, two flat), two cream blushes, three lip glosses, and a black eye pencil—all of which are handy essentials, whether you’re 16 or 36.

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