August 28 2014

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Diptyque’s New Take on Vanilla


Vanilla has the power to woo in desserts—particularly age-old classics like crème brûlée or homemade ice cream—but the same doesn’t necessarily hold true with fragrances. As a perfume note, it’s often simply too sweet, too cloying, too reminiscent of, well, baked goods to be worn on the skin. Diptyque’s latest olfactory creation is out to defy those stereotypes. Presented against a backdrop of exotic spices, Eau Duelle’s vanilla feels darker, more nuanced, and, most importantly, not so saccharine. The key to its mastery appears to be twofold. First, there are the stars of the scent: two dueling vanilla notes—the powdery Firnat and the more heady, smoky bourbon variety—which offer a rich base. Then, a supporting cast of singular notes plucked from locations around the globe—elemi from the Philippines, saffron from Iran, black tea from Ceylon, and cardamom and calamus reed from India—brings woodsy and spicy elements for complexity. Yes, vanilla dominates, but it’s not overbearing, which means the eau works equally well on men and women. The best part: The aroma is said to be a nerve settler, possessing anxiety-assuaging properties. Take deep whiffs, fashion warriors, and trudge on.

Photo: Courtesy of Diptyque

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