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Dirty, Unsexy, Politics; Celine’s Brilliant New Release; And More…


Meghan McCain (daughter of John and Cindy) has a new book out detailing her experience during the 2008 presidential race, and it includes some pretty juicy tidbits about hair and makeup gaffes on the campaign trail. Image consultants apparently told her she might get to introduce her mother at the GOP convention, but only if she got rid of her “stripper” blond hair. (She did, they billed her—not the campaign—and then the intro never materialized.) She was also turned away by an on-site makeup artist who thought the Palin kids would be “getting more airtime” and refused to provide her with face-painting services. Ouch. [Washington Post]

Looks like yesterday’s stat about a spike in men’s hair-straightening is indicative of a greater movement. “Manscara” and “guyliner” have yet to cross over to the mainstream—despite what Adam Lambert and Jared Leto may have you thinking—but men’s concealer and skincare product use has doubled in the last ten years. [NYT]

Believe it or not, Celine Dion has seven scents on the mass fragrance market these days, with her eighth set to bow this month. Pure Brilliance is a fruity floral inspired by “breathing great beach air” and expectant motherhood (she’s currently pregnant with twins)—which may explain her other great pleasure at the moment: tunics. [People]

Sadly, Pure Brilliance will not be out in time to be included in The Perfume Diaries, a new exhibit celebrating the history of the fragrance industry, which opens today at Harrods in London. [Daily Mail]

Photo: AP Photo/ Matt Sayles

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