August 23 2014

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Drugstore Discovery of The Week: Curél’s New Cure All


Ceramides—lipids that reinforce the skin’s natural barrier and work like a shield to lock in moisture and keep out irritants—are a somewhat unsung hero when it comes to fighting eczema. (Eczema, for the non-afflicted, is an unfortunate itchy skin condition that can creep up on you for a variety of reasons, from a genetic predisposition to a stressful work environment.) But despite their skin-soothing power, ceramides are often are hard to come by—something Curél hopes to change. The popular drugstore brand recently revamped its entire skincare range with a ceramide complex that mimics the effect of natural moisturizers in the body. This ultra-soothing complex also stars in its newly released Sensitive Skin Remedy Lotion, which is designed to relieve irritation and strengthen skin so it’s less susceptible to stressors of any nature (dry weather, three different smart phones for three different e-mail accounts, what have you). And for added protection, the lotion is enhanced with cooling eucalyptus and allantoin, a compound known to neutralize reactions to harsh detergents, so keeping this curative skin salve at the ready could be a godsend should your drop-off laundry service slyly switch from name-brand fabric softener to generic.

Photo: Courtesy of Curel

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