August 31 2014

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Seven Days Of Purple Lipstick: Part 6


As religious readers of this blog know, I’ve sported a different shade of purple, berry-tinged lipstick every day for the past week—and on each day, at least one person has asked me if I was wearing Tom Ford’s new lipstick. And so, I broke it out for day six. Without further ado, I give you Black Orchid.

The Lipstick: Tom Ford Private Blend Lipcolor in Black Orchid.

The Application: Black Orchid is not as dark as you’d think it would be. Not really a deep purple, it’s more like a brick red with some deeper aubergine accents once it’s on the skin. For those of you who swore by Clinique’s Black Honey back in the nineties, consider this the richer, slightly more extravagant version.

The Upside: Considering that I prefer red- rather than blue-toned purples, this was an obvious winner. It also got rave reviews from the fashion set during the shows yesterday—so much so that when I defected to my signature red pout for’s tenth anniversary party last night (it just looked better with my outfit, OK?), people actually inquired as to the whereabouts of the purple shade I had been wearing earlier.

The Downside: None to speak of, really—except that because Tom Ford’s beauty offerings do not include lip liners, I had to go with a pencil I found in my coffers that was a little too dark for the glossy pigment. (Note to Tom Ford: Please get on that).

The Final Word: The in-demand color delivered—and pulling the beautiful ivory and gold rectangular bullet out of my purse never got old.

Photo: Courtesy of Tom Ford Beauty

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