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A New Way To Get Your Retinol Fix On


That retinol is a magical skincare antiager is not news. But while dermatologists far and wide love to tout the wrinkle-fighting abilities of this effective form of vitamin A, the fact remains that for many of us, it is simply too harsh—my skin, for example, reacts with nonstop peeling. The optimal solution would be to find a formula that is both strong and gentle, which is a tall order considering the fact that if you drastically diminish a product’s retinol content, it completely loses its fine line-reducing power. Avene’s latest skincare innovation aims to reach that happy medium, however, with the help of a little something called retinaldehyde. As effective as the most potent over-the-counter retinols, the hero ingredient in the brand’s new Retrinal+ Cream, which comes in two concentrations, is also designed to be significantly easier on the skin. Combined with the soothing thermal spring waters that Avene has become known for, the result is pretty much magic for the irritation-prone. Just remember that even though it’s gentler than those traditional retinols, your skin will still be hypersensitive to the sun, so best to stick to nighttime application, and when you’re using it during the day, don’t leave the house without a layer of SPF 15 or higher.

Photo: Courtesy of Avene

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